About A Sense of Wonder Art


A sense of Wonder Art was established in 2002 and we now stock a wide variety of limited edition artwork from well over 100 established artists and a selected range of new artist originals.

We specialise in the Modern graphic masters and limited editions. Our aim is to bring together the art lover with stimulating and interesting art by well established, important and respected artists. We wish to help you obtain art that enhances your home or work environment. We wish to assist the buyer to own art that was created by an artist’s own development, and not just simply produced to be only a decorative artefact even though, of course, it may well be highly decorative in its own right. The range of artworks are beautiful, stunning, vibrant, thought provoking and can be matched to enhance any décor besides also having the bonus of being a very good investment!

If you are looking for a specific piece and it is not on our website, then we are more than happy to help you search for that artwork. We have an extensive network of trade contacts and private collectors and we feel confident we would be able to source that sought after artwork.

We have some artworks that are being sold on behalf of private collectors, so if an artwork is priced slightly too high for your budget, please feel free to contact us to make an offer – and if it is one of these proxy sales, we will contact the seller and discuss your offer.


We have run exhibitions in the South East, East Anglia and London regions and will be holding some more of these events in 2013-2014. See here for details or sign up for an account and we will send out details to you automatically.


We are investigating the setting up of a physical gallery and hope to have premises in 2014. We will wish to make this gallery a landmark venue where the images that we carry can be exhibited to their best advantage in a welcoming  environment that stimulates our customers.


Sell your own limited edition prints
We are also able to offer a service where your own artwork that you have collected and may want to sell, can be listed on our site. The artwork in question will obviously have to be in tip top condition and be from an artist that we wish to carry. We would need the full details, edition number, digital image etc. Please do contact us if you would like to investigate this arrangement.

Please feel free to browse the artist galleries before you buy. If you collect art of a specific genre or by a particular artist and would like to be kept informed of the latest releases, availability of originals, forthcoming events and new acquisitions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.